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Beatle Model
These are pictures of the New Beetle I built from scratch.
Model is hand made and hand painted.

Car starts with a wood 'buck'.
A block of wood is carved into a shape of the Beetle. Measurments were taken off a drawing and transfered to the block. I used a pocket knife, files and sandpaper to finish off the buck.

Chasis and interior
The chasis was milled from a piece of styrene. Each of the four wheels were turned on the lathe. The interior was was fabricated from illustratioin board and bonded together with hot glue.

Vacuum-formed shell
The shell or body is vacuum-formed over the wood buck. Window holes were cut out and replaced with clear plastic. This process is repeated with the lights. Behind the lights is a piece of aluminum foil and coloured when needed. Details like the antenne, interior lining, mirrors, windsheild wipers were also added.

All together (front)
Bug is then sprayed with mulitple coats of paint, sanding in between coats. Details like the VW logo and trim were added as well as "The Beatles" on the roof. This Beetle was a tribute to The Beatles White Album.

All together (back)
Notice the right hand drive. License plate reads "SZRHNDS". This of course refers to my favourite film of all time, Edward Scissorhands.

When I grow up, I want to be a cartoon...