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Models Too
More models.
Prototypes are made from styrene, unless otherwise noted.

Hot Wheels Detail Shop
Cars can be painted ans polished with brushes
and stamps
Cineman: Work in Progress
Styrene Armature (left), Wax (center), Resin (right).
Cineman: Package
Package and final sculpt and paint. Accessories
made from scraps of styrene. Note 3D lenses,
this allowed the consumer to view 3D images
in the back of other Cineman packages.
Polly Pocket Newscenter
Transforms from television (inset) to 'behind
the scenes' newscenter.
Itchy and Scratchy in 'The Wheel of Terror'
Scratchy rotates as Itchy throws bombs at Scratchy's
limbs. The object of the game is to blow off all of
Scratchy's limbs.
Inspired by the hit TV series The Simpsons.
Senior Thesis: X-Factory
An Injection Molding Machine with the added
feature of remoldable molds. Model made from a
hot glue gun heating element and lots of styrene.
Another view of the X-Factory. The cord lead to
the hot glue gun for demonstration perposes.

When I grow up, I want to be a cartoon...