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Below are images of models. Some relate to renderings from other galleries. Enjoy.
Models are handmade from styrene and bonded with glue. Afterwards, models are hand painted using various paints.

Tactical Folding Knife
Okay, I used a computer for this, still
considered a "model". Inspired by Benchmade
Knives. Modeled in Rhinoceros 3D.
Goaltender's Mask
Tribute to those wackos that dare to stand in
front of pucks reaching speeds over 100 mph.
Modeled in Rhinoceros 3D, textured in
3D Studio Max.
Marty the Caveboy
Hand sewn plush (left) and sculpted figure (right).
Geocubic Explorers
Pre-school shape sorter. Closed
Geocubic Explorers
Shape sorter opens to playset. Figures are made
from soft foam, box cut from quarter inch
Snoopy Sco-Cone Truck
Combines the ever poplar Snoop Sno-Cone Machine
with your friendly neighbourhood ice cream truck.
Plays music and grinds ice when pushed.
Hot Wheels Belt Drive
Carrying case holds one car. Track is used as
a belt and secured with Hot Wheels belt buckle.
Case becomes launcher with track fitting at
end of launcher.

When I grow up, I want to be a cartoon...