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More renderings.
Same stuff, but totally different...

Itchy and Scratchy in The Wheel of Terror >
Inspired by the hit TV series The Simpsons.
< Jimmy Neutron: Storyboard 1
Scripted by James Elliott, storyboarded by me. These were
proposed ideas for the movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
This one here show an alternate use for Goddard, Jimmy's dog.
Jimmy Neutron: Storyboard 2 >
Scripted by James Elliot, this proposed the introduction of
Goo Darts to the story.
< Jimmy Neutron: Storyboard 3
Again, scripted by James Elliot. An alternate intro to Goo Darts.
Senior Thesis: X-Factory >
Rendering shows the 'beauty shot' of my senior thesis,
an injection molding machine.
< X-Factory: How It Works 1
The machine featured a mold that can be re-moldable. This allows
the user to make a mold of virtually anything within 2 cubic inches.
X-Factory: How It Works 2 >
The compound used to inject into the molds can also be
resued by simply grinding unwanted pieces and remelting and reshooting.
< X-Factory: Accessories
The accessories included the remoldable compound and remeltabel pellets.
Also included is a 'tree' of parts for molding.

When I grow up, I want to be a cartoon...